Illinois Computing Educator’s ICE 2017 Conference Review

It’s hard as a principal to be away from your building for multiple days in a row. There are needs that arise and ongoing supports that need to be provided, but when you are granted the opportunity to go to a conference to connect, learn and grow with industry leaders and experts, it is an amazing experience! I spent three days at the Illinois Computing Educator’s Conference this past week. My time away was well worth it. With my Is dotted and Ts crossed in my building, I was ready to learn and connect! To say the experience fell short of awesome is an understatement! There were so many moments that I seized to learn and build my capacity as a leader.
My first full day was spent in the Future Ready Administrator’s Academy learning from Tom Murray. I spent 6 hours collaborating with other administrators, teachers and technology directors learning about the principles of the future ready framework. We dreamed big and brainstormed elements of the future ready classroom and I was proud to reflect that many elements are already established in our building and district! Future Ready is more than technology. It is building a robust infrastructure, personalized professional development, collaborative learning spaces, and connected learners!
The next two days were filled with workshops and networking! Highlights included keynotes by Eric Shenniger and Joe Sanfelippo and breakouts by Adam Welcome, Todd Neosley, and Kim Darche! I enjoyed connecting with leaders across Central Illinois and also expanding my network by meeting educational leaders across the state.
I was even able to spend a period of time volunteering for ICE at the presenter’s check-in table where I met and welcomed many of our Thursday presenters to the conference!
The Storify below shares a glimpse into some of the learning and connecting that occurred during my time at #ICE17

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