Classroom Crawl Staff Meeting

If you walk into any classroom in my building, you would know that the staff takes considerable amount of time and energy in creating a learning environment that is student centered and promotes student ownership. I wanted each staff member to see their colleagues’ spaces and celebrate the various elements of their classrooms that make them unique and student friendly.
Using the foundation of “Kids Deserve It,” I charged my staff to participate in a “Classroom Crawl.” We walked from classroom to classroom to tour the learning environments the staff had created for their students. They were given a list of ten components or elements to look for on their tour that were pulled from ideas in “Kids Deserve It. As they toured each classroom, they tweeted examples of innovation, teachers as learners, creativity, building relationships and more! In addition to their pictures and tweets, they were encouraged to make a positive phone call to a current or former student and write a note of appreciation and support to a colleague.
Staff enjoyed getting to show off their classrooms and learn by examining the environments of their peers in anticipation for the first day of school. This interactive option for PD got them moving, learning and collaborating from each other, and celebrating the positive elements of our school!

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  • Hi Mandy,

    I absolutely love love love this idea. Consider it stolen!!! What a fabulous way to celebrate teachers’ hard work and pride in their classrooms. It also gives those new teachers ideas for setting up a classroom and takeaways for so many ideas. A wonderful springboard. I will definitely be doing this for one of my early staff meetings!


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