What Does a Principal Do All Day?

This week was Principal Appreciation Week and I couldn’t have felt more loved and appreciated. One of the tokens of appreciation I received was handwritten and illustrated books from each classroom and student. It was by far one of the greatest and most meaningful gifts and I’ve enjoyed reading the insights of their candid responses to my roles and responsibilities.

They responded to the prompt:

What Does Our Principal Do All Day? 

I had a variety of emotions as I read through the pages.

Some students recognized the fun parts of my job:

  • She greets people walking into the school in the mornings
  • Mrs. Ellis calls your parents if you have been good in class. She let’s students sign the chalkboard
  • She honks her princess horn
  • She blares music from her speaker
  • She takes selfies with us
  • She likes to dab
  • She gets us free snow cones
  • She does cartwheels down the hallway
  • Mrs. Ellis makes all of us ROYALS


Some students wrote about the most visible components of my position:

  • She drinks coffee (that’s a given)
  • She talks to parents
  • She copies papers
  • She walks around with the port-a-principal
  • She checks on classes. She goes into classrooms to make sure teachers and students are doing what they’re supposed to be doing.
  • She brought Teddy to our school. She brings Teddy to our room.
  • She gives us hugs and high-fives
  • She does morning announcements


While other students wrote about some of the “behind the scenes” elements of being a principal:

  • She never gives up and comes up with new ideas
  • She eats donuts and reads
  • She helps new students know what to do.
  • She has to do paperwork. She works on files and phone calls
  • She writes letters
  • She has a dance party when no one is looking. She has a disco party with Mrs. Kamin and donuts!
  • She keeps us safe

While some students wrote about things that I am not sure where it came from:

  • She plays tackle football
  • She sleepwalks
  • She rides elephants around
  • After school she fights crime in a blue suit and has the soul of a Power Ranger
  • She is a spy

Some students made connections to our school mission and vision:

  • Mrs. Ellis helps kids grow into lifelong learners
  • Mrs. Ellis takes a lot of risks
  • She gives us birthday books
  • She teaches the teachers

Some students wrote about their insights into some of the more emotionally involved parts of my job:

  • I think Mrs. Ellis helps students when they are having a hard time.
  • Mrs. Ellis helps students who need help calming down. She helps them calm down in a bad time.
  • Mrs. Ellis helps to help others by talking to them when they are calming down and working really hard to achieve their goals.
  • She talks to kids who get in trouble, not in a mean way, but assertive way.
  • She doesn’t yell


And some just brought joy to my heart:

  • You are the best and your best is enough for me!
  • She inspires kids
  • She gives kids courage
  • She is a Cubs fan:)



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