50 Things I Love about being a Principal

  1. Kicking off the start of the year with enthusiasm and a renewed energy to make an impact and working with staff and students to maintain focus on that enthusiasm and energy all year long.
  2. Greeting students at the door and welcoming them to a new school day.
  3. Sharing that there is funding for a teacher’s wildly amazing idea and helping make it a reality
  4. Hugs and High Fives
  5. Reviewing student data and seeing in numbers that students have made considerable academic gains thanks to the hard work and persistence of their teachers.
  6. Watching a veteran teacher STILL pour her heart into a classroom and students after years of teaching
  7. When a fourth or fifth grader excitedly shares their progress on a test that they struggled with initially, but mastered eventually.
  8. Sharing a positive email or conversation with a parent about a teacher with that teacher
  9. The positive energy that comes from sharing new ideas or strategies amongst staff.
  10. Walking down the hallways or into the gym after they have been freshly waxed over the summer months.
  11. Hearing a community member share a piece of good news with me about something they have heard about our school, staff, or students.
  12. Gifts of student drawings left on my desk, in my mailbox or hand delivered to me from students; especially those that highlight our school colors, mascot, or motto.
  13. Taking my Port-a-Principal mobile office in the hallway and classrooms so accomplish my goals of being with kids while maintaining a connection to the work that needs to be accomplished in the office.
  14. Cafeteria salad days.
  15. Knowing that all it takes is granting a jeans day for teachers to make them happy at times.
  16. Taking a struggling student and watching them grow through behavioral interventions that are just as much built on relationships and rapport as they are best practices and research.
  17. Conversations with teachers that are positive, student centered and solution orientated even for our most challenging students because of their professionalism and passion for kids and learning.
  18. A teacher that asks for the 50th time a different approach, strategy or support for a student because she will NEVER give up on that child.
  19. Working with parent volunteers to create great family engagement activities and events
  20. Planning professional development opportunities that model best practices in the classroom and that engage and support teacher learning while building positive school culture.
  21. Modeling that professional learning is a lifelong process and occurs daily
  22. Writing hand written notes of appreciation for teachers and staff to recognize their impacts on our school community.
  23. Listening to a budding reader successfully share a book they can read completely independently for the first time.
  24. Reading kid spelling that is perfectly imperfect
  25. Witnessing student leaders create change and promote kindness, empathy and friendship among their peers.
  26. Building relationships with students with dance parties in the hallway!
  27. Connecting with other educators across the country through the power of a strong professional learning network
  28. Picking up a new professional book and reading it to grow my capacity as a lead learner.
  29. Sharing a favorite book title from my professional library with a staff member and seeing the same inspiration in them that I had after reading it.
  30. Attending conferences to learn new strategies and share the experience with staff.
  31. Using humor to diffuse a challenging or stressful situation with students
  32. Jumping in to put a band aid on a paper cut on a finger, do a temperature check, or rub the back of a sick student waiting for a parent.
  33. Telling our school story through posts on our social media accounts
  34. Watching a student ring a bell and beam with joy after meeting a goal.
  35. Making a phone call home to a parent or family member just to share positive news about a student’s growth or behavior.
  36. Challenging teachers and staff to make positive phone calls home to share positive news about a student’s growth or behavior.
  37. Watching a student grow exponentially from Kindergarten through 5th grade academically, socially and/or behaviorally.
  38. Recognizing that the shy and uncertain kindergarten students that start in our school leave as confident and mature students ready to tackle the challenges of middle school
  39. Establishing a culture of reading through open access to books at all times by finding ways to provide spaces for reading and books to be shared and displayed.
  40. Walking down the halls donned in blue and yellow with books lining the hallways and seeing students crouched down looking for a new title to read.
  41. Seeing the impact of inclusion of all students among all students.
  42. Maintaining relationships with students that are no longer in elementary school, but will always be ‘my kids.’
  43. Seeing a student in the community, at a store, or at a restaurant and the amazement in their eyes that there is life for me outside of school and that I have children of my own.
  44. Sitting on the floor and reading with an eager reader
  45. Sharing a favorite read aloud in classrooms with students
  46. Dressing up as Dr. Seuss and celebrating Read Across America Day.
  47. Visiting classrooms with the Therapy Dog and watching him interact with our students.
  48. Seeing a teacher take an idea to transform a classroom and make it a reality to engage learners with high level of rigor.
  49. Having the pleasure to watch teams of teachers work collaboratively to plan memorable and engaging lessons while supporting them with ideas, supports and resources.
  50. Knowing that each day is different and there are so many things I LOVE about being a principal!

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