Egg a Co-Worker Staff Morale Builder

Maintaining a positive learning and teaching environment for teachers and staff is important to ensure a positive learning environment for students. Finding simple ways to encourage positive praise between co-workers is an important part of building this learning environment. This week, we created a simple station in the office for teachers and staff to access to spread some cheer and recognize their co-workers in meaningful and positive ways.

This required minimal setup:

  1. Directions in a plastic frame
  2. Note cards and pens for staff to write messages
  3. Empty plastic eggs. We chose school colors!
  4. Small candy or prizes (erasers, stickers, ect)

We also chose to include a sweet treat for all staff as well. The message on the peeps say, “Thanks for teaching our little Peeps! Have a great spring break!”

All of these were set at a station in the office with some seasonal decor. 

Just a simple and fun way to spread some spring  cheer!

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