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Summer is coming and school is almost over, but the learning doesn’t have. Our friends at Education.Com are guest posting today with a fun end of the year or summer math activity that can be done by either teachers or parents! Read more at to

Flashcards are a good way to practice math facts, but sometimes, they can be a little dry. And if your child is a kinesthetic learner, he’ll need to move around to learn. Looking for ways to make learning math facts and sight words more fun and active? Here’s an activity that challenges your child to use sight word, addition or multiplication facts to run and win a race!

What You Need:
Flashcards of choice (addition or multiplication)
At least 3 players, two to race and one to hold the flashcards

What You Do:
Set-Up. With the chalk, draw a line on the ground as the starting line and another line as the finishing line. The finishing line can be as short or as far away as desired; the longer the distance is, the longer the game will be.

Get ready to play! Have each child stand behind the starting line.

Show the children a flashcard from any math deck or set of sight words.

The first child to shout out the answer gets to take one step forward. Each child advances when he says the correct answer.

The objective of the game is to get as many math facts correctly as needed to get to the finishing line. The first child to make it to the finishing line first wins!

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