#LeadLIT Strategy: Share What You Are Reading

Creating a culture of readers requires you to share what you are reading to model the importance of lifelong reading. A simple strategy can be “What I am Reading Posters.”

Display a simple sign sharing what you’re reading outside your office. In fact, you can have all your staff do this.

Imagine the power of having every teacher, support staff member, assistant, cook, and school volunteer share their current book. That kind of reading display clearly communicates a simple and powerful message that is reinforced throughout the school:

Reading is important to us, and it should be important to you! It unifies and subtly reinforces the message that we are all learners and part of a culture of reading. When students know the adults around them are reading, they are given a strong model for lifelong reading.

The signs don’t have to be elaborate. Simply print out a letter-size page with the header, “What I am Reading.” Leave space for staff to write in their current book. Ask them to display it in an area outside their classroom or office door. Laminate the signs so they can be updated frequently with dry-erase markers. Alternatively, you could use sticky notes to post new book titles.

As you do walk-throughs in the building, snap pictures of current book titles on display and share them periodically in school newsletters, staff memos, and social media posts to the school community.

Knowing what teachers are reading opens opportunities for meaningful conversations. There are no rules about what people can write on their “What I’m Reading” sign. It can be a children’s book they are reading with their own children, a professional book, or a fictionalbook for personal enjoyment. The power and value of this practice
comes in sharing the importance of reading.


I’ve included some templates for you to use below!


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