LeadLit Strategy: Create a Face-to-Face with Author’s Display

Reading a text and connecting with the message and content can impact teaching and learning. Connecting and learning directly with the author can be transformational. Through the various conferences, workshops, and events I have attended as a teacher and administrator, I have had the chance to have face-to-face meetings with several authors and educational leaders.

When I snap the selfie, it serves not only to commemorate meeting the individual but also to showcase the power of reading and connectedness to staff and students. I post the selfie alongside a picture of the author’s book cover on a wall that reads “Face to Face with Authors: Leaders are Readers!”

Staff and students see this display grow as I meet some of my favorite authors. Many of the connections I have made with these authors have come on the heels of building relationships on Twitter and developing a PLN that includes industry leaders and trailblazers.

This same concept can be replicated even if you haven’t had the chance to meet the authors of the books you are reading. In the school setting, we have ample access to authors. The display could include pictures of the principal or teachers posing for a picture with students who have published their writing in their classroom. Imagine the thrill a student would experience seeing their picture up on the “Face to Face with Authors” display, knowing that their teacher or principal read their work and provided feedback. Showcasing their accomplishments highlights the importance of literacy and deepens the connection and relationship for the student to the school and classroom.

I’ve included some posters below for you to use on your display.


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