4th Grade Presents “How To” Speeches

A key component of the district vision to create skilled communciators. 4th grade students are applying those 21 Century Learning skills once again! For the past several weeks, students have been preparing a procedural text piece that teaches others how to do a certain task. First, students chose a topic that they wanted to teach to the class. Then, students wrote a procedure that explains how to do the task, step-by-step. Students then presented their “How-To” speech to the class and students had to listen for directions from the speaker and do the task as they taught it. What a great way to prepare for our Famous Person speeches in October!


Submitted by: Teresa Jarrick

A Glimpse into MUSIC at DGS

 Mr. Anderson is eager to meet his music students at DGS. He knows that Music is everywhere and can’t wait to share his passion with his students!! He has the following message for his students:

People love music including individuals we don’t know in areas across the globe.

There are many types of music!! We will explore what makes each type different and why is it we like our favorite music selections?

Music relates to all subjects in school!  Dividing beats, learning about past songs, and reading the notes on a page are just a few examples.

Creating music is fun!  We can sing, play wind instruments, drum, or use simple gestures to convey the musical elements!

…We will have a great time sharing music and making music together!!!  

A Glimpse into the Resource Room

Miss Baier and Miss Nauman would like to welcome their resource students to the land of tropics!!! They have prepared a special message for their students.

As we venture into a new year of learning, we will be exploring “math in focus” through fun games and interactive technology! 

Relax in the classroom “beach” as you warm up with a good book.  

Make sure you don’t get lost on your tropical adventure as you track your “data” daily!  You will stay the course and work hard to meet your goals.

We are anxiously  waiting for you to enter our island of paradise for the 2013-2014 school year! 

Special Needs Parent Group

The Dunlap & Central Illinois Special Needs Parent Group

Invites all parents, caregivers, teachers and therapists of special needs children to attend an informative meeting and listen to our speaker:

Steve Grys

Steve Grys works for Central Illinois Service Access (CISA).  Their mission is to maximize independence for individuals with disabilities through choice, advocacy and service access.  He will discuss the importance of getting special needs children on the PUNS list.

Date: Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Time: 6:30 p.m.-8:00 p.m.

Place: Dunlap Valley Middle School

13120 North Route 91, Dunlap

Don’t forget to check out our lending library before and after the meeting!

For more information contact Libby Raab at 693-0514.

Community Forum to be Held

As part of the District’s Continuous Improvement efforts and focus on Strategic Goals: (#1) Continuously improve student growth and achievement and (#4) Ensure a satisfying and productive partnership with families and the community, the Dunlap School District will be holding a Community Forum on October 22, 2012, from 6:30 to 8:00 pm at Ridgeview Elementary School. District administrators will share information about: NCLB’s Adequate Yearly Progress requirements, District assessments, and how the District uses assessment results to improve student achievement. Stakeholders will have an opportunity to ask questions, provide feedback, and suggestions.

Wheelchair Accessible Ramps Installed

District Goal #2 is:

To obtain a satisfying and productive classroom and school learning environment

Last week, two new wheelchair ramps and one threshold ramp were installed at three different exits/entrances to the building. This improvement to DGS provides equal access to DGS for all students. The ramps were installed at the rear entrance to the building, the 1st grade wing, and at the entrance to the gym. We are pleased to have been able to include these as part of continued facilities improvements!


1st Grade Field Trip

District Goal #2 is:

To obtain a satisfying and productive classroom and school learning environment

Friday, first graders took a trip to visit Princeville Heritage Museum. Next week, they will begin learning about Schools Long Ago and Today. Students were able to visit a one room school house, where they sat in real desks and practiced writing their numbers on chalk boards. They also experienced many items that have changed, such as the iron, type writer, and calculator.



DGS Receives Recycling Grant

District Strategic Goal #5 is:

To Ensure a Satisfying and Productive Partnership with Families and the Community.

Dunlap Grade School has been awarded a recycling grant for the 2012-2013 School Year. This grant will aide in DGS becoming better stewards of our environment and its resources. In addition, the grant will educate students on the importance of being involved in recycling efforts. The grant, awarded through Peoria County’s Recycling & Resource Conservation, will supply DGS with environmental education programming in addition to the resources needed to recycle at DGS. We will receive

10:  7 gallon containers

20:  10 gallon containers

3:  35 gallon cart

1:    Can Crusher

 Dry Erase markers

Congratulations DGS and Thank YOU to the Recycling and Resource Conservation Department. The DGS Community looks forward to its partnership with Peoria County’s Recycling and Resource Conservation department and implementing a recycling program at the start of the school year.

Prairie Flowers Bring Joy

District Strategic Goal #5 is:

To Ensure a Satisfying and Productive Partnership with Families and the Community.

As I opened my email this morning, I was delighted to have a message waiting for me from Ms. Elizabeth Gray. As a photographer, she had been on the Rock Island Trail photographing the wild flowers that the Dunlap Grade Students have planted over the years. As she photographed, a gentleman approached her and told her that the flowers were a result of the students at Dunlap Grade School. The flowers that now bloom along the trail provide beauty to those that use the trail as well as habitat for wildlife that inhabits the region. It is wonderful to know that individuals continue to appreciate the hard work and dedication by the students that planted the flowers. She shared with me some of her images.

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