Promoting Positive School Communication with Video Updates

I recently read the book and blog “Your School Rocks: Passionately Pitch and Promote the Positives Happening on Your Campus.” The authors shared a simple way to publish video newsletters and I was instantly inspired. You will now see a green screen and tripod in my office that are accessible to staff and your students should they also want to do something similar or have their own idea. You can read about the process I gleaned the inspiration from on their blog at:

I plan on using the video screen and video updates in multiple ways:
1. To update staff in my Friday Focus staff memo with “Great Things I’ve Seen this Week” My inaugural attempt at this is shown in the video below. These will be cataloged in my YouTube Channel and shared with staff as part of their weekly updates. I am deliberate and strategic in ensuring that I continue to model innovative and creative ways to use technology and apply them in effective and meaningful ways. The video is then embedded into the remaining notes and information shared on a SMORE page (as seen after the video)

2. To engage students in “Royal News Updates” on a weekly basis. I started this today and the students did a wonderful job and were excited to share their learning. I created a format for them to follow as they shared the highlights of the week with staff, families and friends.

3. To promote reading with guest read alouds that will be shared on our social media (twitter, youtube, facebook). I have done this several time and just uploaded videos straight from my camera
You can view a project I did with two members of service and leadership club in the video below. This project took less than 10 minutes of editing time from the moment they finished recording until I uploaded it and shared it on YouTube.


I used the App Green Screen by Do Ink to format the background and iMovie to edit the videos.

Greenscreen icon

This process really is easy and affordable. I purchased a green screen and tripod on Amazon for less than $125.00. My tripod included a bluetooth remote that allows me to simply start and stop the video record component on my iPhone or iPad. The cost of the Green Screen App is $2.99. iMovie, YouTube, Facebook, SMORE, and Twitter are all free and efficient and effective ways to communicate with families and the community about the positive and amazing things that are going on in our building everyday!

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