Reading Resolutions 2018

Each year I set out to set a reading resolution to engage myself in new goals and hold myself accountable for reaching reading challenges.

Reading resolutions are a powerful professional and personal practice and have many benefits; including,

  1. A focus on improving yourself personally and professionally through the book selections you make
  2. Holding yourself accountable for that personal and professional growth
  3. Establishing a goal framework to push the reading boundaries you have set for yourself
  4. Challenging yourself to embed reading in your daily life in new, expanded, or alternative ways
  5. Making reading a collaborative and social process that you can share with your friends and PLN

This year is an exciting year for me as I work with Dave and Shelley Burgess with Dave Burgess Consulting to publish my first book about establishing a culture of reading in the school learning environment. I look forward to sharing that with everyone in late spring 2018! In addition to publishing my first book, I set a few other reading resolutions for myself:

  1. Share the love of reading through random acts of kindness. Inspired by Roman Nowak and the #BeKindEDU movement, I intend on sending frequent #happymail to members of my PLN and their schools or classrooms with books and other tokens to celebrate and engage them in reading and sharing the love of reading with their staff and students.
  2. Continue to read professional books, but be more intentional and purposeful in blogging my reflections and take-aways to share with my PLN and document my reading progress. This includes more frequent #booksnaps inspired by Tara Martin.
  3. Use the time I find commuting to work and in transporting my kids to their extra-curricular activities to listen to audio books and podcasts in order to maximize my time and increase the amount of ‘reading’ and learning I am able to accomplish.
  4. Provide time and opportunities outside of the school day and school year to engage my students in reading and reading related activities and events.

I have several books I am anxiously waiting to read and that are on my current reading list. Some of them to be published this year!

  1. The Wild Card by Hope and Wade King
  2. Stories from Webb by Todd Nesloney
  3. Be the One by Ryan Sheehy
  4. FlexEd by Kayla Delzer
  5. The follow up in the Lead Like a Pirate series from my PLN and principal pal Jay Billy. Both of our books will be published this spring, so Stay Tuned!

I encourage you to set and share your reading resolutions with your students and colleagues. You may also choose to have students make resolutions as we develop a culture of readers!

Some resources to get you started can be found at:

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  • I am excited to read your book coming out later this spring! Thanks for the encouragement to share and keep new reading goals with my students!

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