Book Review: The Power of Moments

Our school district is offering a summer book study of “The Power of Moments.” I read this book a few summers back, but the book study was the perfect catalyst for me to re-read the book and take something new away from it.

Power of Moments is a book that rests on the tenants that “Defining moments shape our lives, but we don’t have to wait for them to happen. We can be authors of them.”

Through a variety of scenarios, situations and examples, the authors paint a portrait of times that individuals and organizations have seized the power of moments to make a large impact in the lives or others.

In a school setting, the following examples were shared as opportunities to create moments:

  • Having an academic signing day for high school students similar to what is traditionally done for athletics. (Side note: I recently saw a tweet where a high school hoisted banners for students that earned a perfect score on the ACT and kept these flying in their academic hall of fame… we do that for sports, of course we should do this for scholastic accomplishments!)
  • Celebrate the 1,000th day of school. (We started this at DGS two years ago and LOVE reflecting with 5th graders on their time as a Royal!)
  • 50th book read
  • A teacher’s 1,000th student taught
  • Locker combination races for transitioning middle school students to get familiar with their combinations
  • Captstone learning projects and activities

We can find moments to celebrate during:

  • Transitions
  • Milestones
  • Landmark Dates
  • Pits (tough life situations; death, illness, loss of purpose)

The key takeaway for me was “Stay alert to the promise moments hold. These moments do not need to be ‘produced.” Moments can be a combination of orchestrated and strategic events and activities, but they can also be found in the everyday compliments we give, conversations we have and questions we ask.

“What if we didn’t just remember the defining moments of our lives, but MADE them?” 

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